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Comfortable - Romovable - Clear
Dr Carmen provides specialised Clear Aligners, from Ultilign to Invisalign.

Clear Aligners

What are clear aligners?


Clear aligners are orthodontic devices that are a transparent, plastic form of dental braces used to adjust teeth. Clear Aligners straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position.

More about Ultilign

After Visiting your Ultilign provider/dentist, a digital and imperium impression of your teeth with being sent to the Ultilign lab with their experienced technician will design your Ultiligners with the help of 3D software to determine your treatment plan. The proposed treatment will then be analysed and approved by an appointed Orthodontist before sending your Ultiligners back to your Dentist to fit the first set.

Depending on each case, a set of multiple Ultiligners will be sent to your Dentist to place in your mouth over a course of 4- 6 months. The patient will receive a new set of Ultiligners every 2 weeks to make sure the teeth are moved effectively.  

As you progress through your treatment plan your teeth will gradually begin to move into position and created a perfectly straight smile. during this time you will have occasional checkups with your Dentist to monitor your progress and install your new set when it is time.


The duration of your treatment will depend on the severity of your case and the amount of movement that needs to take place. Your Ultilign provider will discuss the treatment time with you before treatments start.


Why should I choose Clear Aligners over Braces?

  1. They are invisible - You’re not wearing a mouthful of clunky metal wires and brackets.

  2. They are removable - You can simply pop your aligners out and put them in a small carrying case when you’re ready to eat. Aligners enable you to continue to eat all of your favourite foods. 

  3. They make cleaning your teeth easy- Because you can remove your clear aligners, you can care for your teeth much more thoroughly than if you’re wearing metal braces. Simply continue your regular brushing and flossing routine.


What is the Clear Aligner Procedure?

  1. A Custom Treatment Plan - During the consultation, Dr Carmen will examine your teeth and take a precise digital scan of your mouth. Then a custom treatment plan is made.
  2. Aligner Preparation - After the teeth impressions are made, your custom treatment plan will be created using 3D technology. Once approved, the digital models are transferred to a production facility and the aligners are made.
  3. Aligners Daily Upkeep - You'll change out the aligner trays every 1 to 3 weeks. For effective teeth straightening, you must wear them for about 20 to 22 hours a day. Multiple aligners are used because a single aligner is only capable of moving teeth slightly (1 mm or less).
  4. After Treatment- After treatment is complete, a custom clear retainer is made from a mould of your newly straightened teeth. Retainers should be worn every night while sleeping to ensure malocclusion does not recur over time


How long will I have to wear clear aligners?

Treatment can take between 6-12 months or more, depending on your case. There's no one-size-fits-all for determining how long your treatment will last. That's because every patient will have their own individual tooth alignment issues. 


What happens if I break my clear aligners? 


Unless the crack has split the tray, it is most likely fine to continue wearing it. In many cases, an aligner will still hold together fairly well even with a minor crack. Be sure to use caution when inserting and removing the retainer since these actions can cause a crack or tear to worsen.


Why should I use a dentist vs ordering a home kit?


In-office aligners (like Invisalign) are the most well-known option because they have been around the longest. You have to visit a licensed Invisalign doctor to receive these aligners, and the treatment process is more intensive. 

At-home aligners, also called direct-to-consumer aligners, are cheaper than in-office aligners. Treatment is completed remotely, so you will never visit a dentist or an orthodontist for checkups.

Both in-office and at-home aligners are made of clear, medical-grade, BPA-free plastic.

Some aligners do not touch your gums at all. They are trimmed to comfortably sit along your gum line in a ‘scalloped fashion.’ This design makes the trays less irritating and even more ‘invisible.’ 

Other aligners (most at-home options) are not trimmed along your gum line. Instead, they partially cover your gums and may cause more irritation in the beginning stages. The discomfort is typically minor.

Reach out to Dr Carmen & her Team

Considering the Clear Aligners treatment? Dr Carmen and her Team are ready to assist you in a safe, and friendly environment. To schedule your appointment or discuss more on Ultilign or clear aligners, and why it is right for you.  Contact us today to schedule your Clear Aligner Treatment

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