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Dr Carmen is passionate about facial aesthetics and especially the sculpting power of HA fillers. She recently completed her Master's course in Lip Filler as presented by world-renowned, Dr Julie Horne


Dr Horne is acknowledged as a master in the industry by her peers, this has led to her being invited to lead several big aesthetic congresses worldwide. She has also done several training tours for Galderma worldwide.

Amongst her numerous other accolades, Julie Horne was awarded the prestigious «Golden syringe» in 2019. This honour is only bestowed upon a few international injectors who have distinguished themselves in the industry, for their passion, knowledge and extraordinary talent, and it is thus, one of the most honourable and coveted prizes in the aesthetic industry.


The masterclass equipped Dr Carmen with the tools, skills and edge over her competitors. 

"I see myself as an artist/sculptor, I’m just holding a syringe instead of a brush or a tool. It’s about having an aesthetic eye, see proportions, balance, potential, knowing the anatomy, having product knowledge and an experienced steady and delicate hand.

I have studied the Restylane portfolio over many years and with that combination of quality and knowledge the results speak for its self.

But it’s not enough for me to be really good at lip treatments. My biggest challenge is to exterminate unnatural results by spreading my vision, knowledge and techniques all around the world – Safety and natural results ONLY!" - DR JULIE HORNE

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