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The orthodontic treatment is the most effective method in teeth alignment


More about Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the alignment of the teeth. Regardless of Age, orthodontics aligns your teeth, protects your bite and maximize your teeth's effectiveness in performing their functions. 

Orthodontics today, involves repositioning of the teeth and underlying roots, providing better support for the crown of the tooth. Orthodontic treatment is now associated with the benefits of greater aesthetic appeal, increased comfort and reduced treatment time.

Orthodontics not has practical teeth alignment purposes but also adds an aesthetic treatment by reshaping the jaw, neck and lips, especially when combined with maxillofacial surgical procedures. In addition, well-aligned teeth make oral hygiene easier to maintain. We offer fixed metal, ceramic and invisible braces to straighten your teeth.

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Considering Orthodontic Treatment, Dr Carmen and her Team are ready to assist you in a safe, and friendly environment. To schedule your appointment or discuss more about our Orthodontic Services and why it is right for you.  Contact us today on Whatsapp, Email or Contact Form.

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